Ink for Thought

Pictures tell many stories and leave impressions on yourself and others.  Tattooing, given that it is permanent to your skin, should be a spiritual conquest to transform your physical make-up, self-expression, and perhaps touch the lives of others.  We believe it should convey a message or story you wish to tell about your life, the people in it, your testimony, your dreams, your faith, or simply the fact that you are proudly beautiful.  It inevitably makes you feel different, which is why you would choose to get one in the first place, so ask yourself “how do I want to feel about myself?” when deciding what you want.  Everything from its placement, image, the artist you choose, its meaning, and the pain endured are all healing factors, whether you fully understand it or not.

When it comes to emotional and physical healing in the form of a tattoo, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with breast cancer survivors, whom have had double mastectomy’s, and it changes my life as much as it does theirs.  I’ve also worked cover ups for  c-section scars, varicose veins, hair stippling for scalp scars, and open heart surgery scars.  All of them are life changing to look at your art and see the beauty of overcoming, instead of scars to remind you of such a horrible time and what it left behind.

So many people want to put children’s names and birth date’s on them.  These really only look good (from an artist perspective) when incorporated or made into an actual artistic piece.  So think of things that signify them and their meaning to you.  In this world today we all receive titles, numbers, names, and labels, so try to think of something that will make you and them beautiful, not just a name.

NEVER get your spouse, partner, boyfriend, or girlfriends name tattooed.  This is a jinx I have seen in so many relationships, even those married over 20 years, and I for one will not be responsible for marking you with something I believe is a mistake (just my personal moral).  Besides, you don’t need their name on you permanently to say I love you.  Let us work with you on something you both will be proud of that is unique to you both, and expresses that person for who they are, again, they are not just a name.

A bit much for the one you love, and a jinx they won’t be able to cover up well.

But if you insist on the name factor, then here is some ideas for you in the future.

Yes folks, it does happen, so don’t let this be you.
Oh yes, the classic “Void” stamp
I wonder if he had her name and what his cover up was?