Top 10 Reasons I Got A Bad Tattoo

10.  I pissed off my artist, but didn’t think that would effect the outcome that much.
9.     I just walked in this place and ended up with an apprentice, only they didn’t tell me. And no I didn’t look at his portfolio, it was just a small tattoo, I didn’t think it would be that hard.
8.     I was at this party and some big dude was tattooing real cheap, but he didn’t mess it up too bad, you think?
7.     I was a hysterical laugher or crier, making it impossible to not let out screams and shrills every time I was touched with the needle.
6.     I don’t recall getting this tattoo
5.     I chose a really great portrait artist to do my flowers and butterflies even though there wasn’t any in his portfolio.
4.     I lost a bet.
3.     I got an infinity symbol, in which case, it should be screwed up. Nothing is forever, not family, not love, not faith, only God.
2.     My friend just got this cool new kit and was needing the practice, but it was free.
1.      I was drunk in Florida.

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