How to prepare for your Tattoo Appointment

Usually when someone gets something small and on-the-fly, there isn’t much preparation needed.  If you are more the collector and/or someone getting a big tattoo requiring more than 1 hour of tattooing, its a good idea to be prepared to make sure you have the best experience possible in receiving your ink, and sitting for longer periods of time without getting sick or fatigued.

  1. Do not go out drinking the day of or the day before, alcohol thins the blood and causes you to bleed more, setting you up for a choppy heal out.
  2. Get plenty of rest the night before you come in, maybe even take a nap before coming in.
  3. Do not call all your friends wanting to know if it is going to hurt, this builds your psyche up telling you you are about to have the worst experience of your life.
  4. Read something calming and inspiring to you, so you come in with good energy, not bad energy from #3.
  5. Self shave if you can, or if you are really hairy in the area being tattooed, buzz it down with clippers, so it doesn’t take 3 razors and 30 minutes on the artist’ part.
  6. Wear clothing that is appropriate to the location you are receiving the tattoo.  It makes it more difficult for the artist to work around, and in the end, if that article needs to be shed, you don’t want to be sitting there half naked.  Also make sure the clothing in that area is clean, older so if ink gets on it, its no big deal, and loose so its not abrasive to your new tattoo.
  7. Pack a few things to bring such as;
    1. Drinks (NOT energy drinks)
    2. Protein Bar or sugar substance for a booster around 2 hours in
    3. Pillow if you are in a lying down position
    4. Blanket if you get cold easily, most studios are kept about 70-72 degrees
    5. Book, Games, or Music with ear buds, whatever puts you at ease, as this may vary from your artists selection, and you want your artist to also be in their zone, which may differ from your preferences.
    6. Photo ID with Birthdate on it
    7. Money

I know most people like to travel in groups, but actually getting tattooed by yourself, allows you to connect more with your artist, and people do not tend to get as relaxed and comfortable with someone always talking to them wanting to know if it hurts or have a camera in your face every time you squint.  We want your art to turn out to the best of our ability, and distractions can zap our creative flow so please be considerate of your artist and your artwork.

If you have any health or skin conditions, please advise your artist ahead of time so there isn’t any bad dealings with this later.

Remember tattooing is a Sacred Art Form and should be treated as such.

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