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In Sophi’s Words

I have finally figured out why I decided to take this course with Dr Axe. I have always been interested in the healing powers of food, but what I knew only went so far. I am a cosmetologist, so I have been trained to help people feel their inner beauty and express who they are through hair and skin care.

Five years ago this month I entered into a new profession I knew nothing about, the world of Tattooing. I am not the lead artist, but was one of the owners of an all female studio.  Over the past five years I have discovered the healing power of receiving a Tattoo to express their story. As time has gone by, we have really grown into a studio that is about healing with people telling their story of life through custom art put on their skin. The stories I hear are amazing, stories of pain, stories of joy, and stories of adventure. I have watched people put beautiful art over scars of life and leave with a new attitude about who they are. I have seen women with the scars of Breast Cancer feel sexy and beautiful again. I have to say those stories are the most heart warming to see. A women who will not undress in front of their husband because she can not look at them is sad. But after being covered in gorgeous flowers, birds, lace, or anything beautiful is so exciting to see them feel like a women again. While they are being Tattooed I have hours to talk to them about healing on the inside with food and herbs. We have turned our studio into a private studio with just one artist, we are changing our web site to share all this information about healing the body and mind. I am so excited to be apart of this group and to learn with everyone.