A “bio” of myself is hard to write.  I’ve had the privilege of having many different career paths on my journey in life.  With each new career, I came away with different knowledge to use.  I have a true background in taking care of people, business’s, and so on.  I walked into the world of Tattooing blindly, and was co- owner in an all female Tattoo Studio.  What happened next was amazing!  I feel in love with all the stories, and most beautiful tattoos have stories. Then the Breast Mastectomy women started coming in.  I will never forget them, I learned something from each one of them.

SO…..I saw a need with these breast mastectomy women, and that is money to have the scars covered and the energy in their life changed.   A time where they can look at themselves again in the shower and just feel good.  Can you imagine a shower with scars, no breasts, no nipples?  I’m starting with 10 women to raise the money needed to cover up what cancer took away.  Even though I do not share their scars of cancer, I will share in the colors they wear covering scars of life.

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