Master piercer, certified master gardener, master of wisdom, master in business, there isn’t much Sophi cannot do.   She is overflowing with creative vision for all things.  When combined with Lita, there isn’t anything the two of us can’t achieve with a stunning natural beauty, that will leave you in awe.  I am the reason Lita is so good at what she does, literally, and she doesn’t do anything without consulting me first.  One vision is good, but two is twice as good.

I love to paint, design gardens, I love to get tattoos, and yes I do tattoo…..on Lita.  We travel together, work together as artists, and garden together.  My passion is color, and allowing my mind to create freely on whatever I’m working on.

As a business owner of Red Tattoo Parlor for over 5 years, I am understanding of the demand and time it takes to produce great art, and what artists go through to deliver.  I’ve been an artist my whole life, and love the artistic woman I turned out to be.

I am very involved in holistic therapies, natural healing, health & wellness, and organic farming.  I follow Dr. Josh Axe and have taken an 8 week wellness course with him.  If you are interested in knowing more about how to heal yourself, or just wanting more awareness about your health, you can friend me on facebook.

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