March 2017 TattooFest Bradenton, FL.  Open public invitation to observe, learn about, and document breast mastectomies and tattooing.  This is a HUGE opportunity for both the inquirers and myself.

November 2016 Officially made it to Moffitt Cancer Centers Tattoo Artist Referral List.  This is all they are allowed to do and since it is a small list that is a big accomplishment.

September 2016 Attended, worked and competed at Villian Arts Tattoo Convention Tampa for 3 solid days of working our craft to our best potential for the thousands who show up to be part of such an amazingly charged event.

April 2016 Began the journey to gearing my profession more specific to breast cancer and scar coverups. There is more to tattooing than just art, it’s changing lives, and allowing mine to be changed in the process.

March 2016 Accepted for a full time position with the Legacy Blue Tattoo Team, a very talented group of artist’s.

January 2016, was sought out to do a fully rendered piece of art, and sold my first poster print.

October 2015 moved to Tampa, Florida to pursue our personal dreams within this industry and go mobile.

Summer of 2015, Booked for Motorhead Motorboat Cruise on Norwegian Sky for 5 days of Rock and Tattooing.  Ships are setting sail since our decision to close.

Spring of 2015, Red Tattoo Parlor closed to focus more attention on traveling, education, and being a part of a larger team.  This also gave us the freedom to take our art to the next level, and time allowance to pursue all that we didn’t have time for.  This was a wonderful thing, but am still tattooing and in the area.

Fall of 2013, Red Tattoo Parlor owners Lita and Sophi were interviewed by a Woman’s Network who would not release their name, as they were looking for an all female studio to shoot, they did not go through with this.

Summer of 2013, Red Tattoo Parlor and its staff was contacted by Spike Television for a new show “Tattoo Rescue”, in which they will renovate our studio, and work with us one-on-one to take our studio to a State-of-the-Art studio, and the best in Nashville.  We did not get this show, as we were not falling apart and rat infested.

Spring of 2013, we were featured in the April 2013 edition of The Belmont Feed.

Spring of 2013, we were featured for a 2 page spread in the April 2013 edition of Pain Magazine.

Fall of 2012, Red Tattoo Parlor became #2 in the nation on Googles Search Engine for Female/Women Tattoo Artists.

Summer of 2012, Red Tattoo Parlor and its staff was interviewed by Lion Televison for a new tattoo series, but was denied due to lack of drama.

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