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Kathy’s Journey Floral Chest Piece

After each mastectomy of breast piece I finish I try to get them to write a one page letter about their journey and what their tattoo did for them, so as you go through the different pages, some may have an “In their own words” section, where they allowed me to share their thoughts as well as my own.

In Kathy’s own words:

Breast Cancer Sucks: you may win the war, but you come out battle worn.  After having my double mastectomy, I felt grateful, but also defeated.  The scars left on your body are physical and the emotional scarring is just as bad.  The pain you go through physically can be dealt with through medication, but the emotional pain is overwhelming.  You lose your femininity and your womanhood.  I don’t know if its like this for all, but I was ashamed of my scars and wouldn’t let my husband see them.  I never took my bra or shirt off in front of him.  I cried every time I got out of the shower to see my scars staring back at me in the mirror.  All I see is uglyness.  I decided to have my scars tattooed.  I cannot express enough words of the joy I felt when we first started our sessions.  I felt so alive, so beautiful, and the farther along the chest piece came, confidence came back alive too.  I can now look at myself in the mirror with pride and proudly take my clothes off for my husband.  I truly grateful to Lita and Sophi for giving me back joy.

In My words:

Kathy and her husband came to me, searching for privacy, professionalism, artistry, and closure.  For two long years, Kathy had 5+ surgeries, had undergone intense radiation and healing, lost her breasts, and was given back implants and scars.  She grieved for the woman she lost, the weakness she had to face and the beauty she once had.  We consulted over a couple of months while her last scars were still healing and began with excitement for a new look.

She changed my life as all of them do, by allowing me to be a part of something so personal and life changing, with it being my art and experience they instill their confidence in.  Each canvas is so different, but each so perfect in their outcome to the person that recieved it.

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