Heart Shaped Nipples

Something to consider perhaps?

This was fun, and the first time I have seen actual heart shaped areole’s.  As you can see and according to her, she just wanted something unusual.  Both breasts were reconstructed differently making scar coverup a difficult challenge but one I would love to have taken had she opted for full coverage.

Her initial areole tattoo color was applied by the nurse on staff at the surgeons office.  Problem #1: the equipment and ink they use are nothing like what we use in the tattoo industry, thus making it less permanent.  This means many redo’s in the future to keep the color, but remember you cannot tattoo more than 3-4 times max on normal skin tissue before it becomes scar tissue that’s not tattooable.  Problem #2: differences between an artist and a nurse, there is no defined “3D” look to them when only 1 shade of ink, whereas as artist sees depth and dimension.  Problem #3: They are expensive! As much as $800 per visit, no free touch ups either.  As you see below there is a dramatic difference before and after.  These images were taken some time apart, and seems as if some shifting is taking place, however you can see when the tissue has calmed, it will reveal a beautiful natural looking light to mid tone pink saturated nipple.  Her scars will always be prominent as seen here, but she was confident and comfortable keeping the nude natural look with a little heart appeal.

Her and her surgeon decided to go untraditional and re-attach heart shaped areole’s

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