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3D Nipple Tattoo Post Mastectomy

3D nipple tattooing is when we recreate the entire nipple from  a blank canvas, and get to choose location, size, shape, and color.  This process is the most difficult when it comes to breast mastectomy, as accuracy and dimension are EVERYTHING.  She selected me for her artist, after a long consultation and interview.  Yes she interviewed me, as you should do also.  It is as much in making a connection together, as it is in convincing her I knew color theory, understood depth and texture,

In this tattoo, she had been wearing fakes, which is advisable, because it allowed her to wear varying sizes and select a tone that her eye was drawn to the most.  This made color tone selection quite a bit easier, using its shade as my darkest in the pallet then playing off of that.  You will see the fake laying off to the side in the short video I put together to show a start to finish process. The development of something like this is very methodical, precise, and requires intense focus, so the reward of the final product and seeing it like this is as rewarding to me as it is to you.

Sometimes they will offer to reconstruct just the nipple and tattoo the areole, but she did not want to have hard protruding nipples all the time, having to hide them with padded bras.  She no longer needed a bra, and was going to take full advantage of that.  And since this would have been a procedure done in office, she was filing a claim with her insurance company to be reimbursed.  As soon as I know how that went, I will update and write a full article.

To my knowledge, there is only one other prominent artist that has dedicated his time strictly mastectomy 3D nipple tattooing.  Since this is a very personal endeavor, there are some clients I would advise differently on, simply to better gain the outcome they are ultimately needing…..not necessarily wanting.


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