Mastectomy Tattoos

When it comes to mastectomy’s there is a lot of emotional trauma that goes along with the visual physical cosmetic change to the body. (I have always equated it with a man losing his penis.)  When a woman suffers through what is now becoming a world-wide epidemic, breast cancer, it not only effects her but everyone who is connected to her as well.  The trauma spreads through her family like a virus when a woman is becomes defeated with this.  There are many surgeries, many fears, many changes, and a lot of pain associated with breast cancer, so its very important to begin the healing process and planning as soon as you are finished with surgery.  It is advised to let your last scars heal for two (2) months before tattooing over them.

Breast Mastectomy Scars after Removal and after Implants, with nipples reconstructed.
Breast Mastectomy Scars after Implants with no Nipples reconstructed.

As you can see from these three photos, there are options available for the aftermath.  Most women choose to go back with implants, which is advised, but nipples are optional.  You can either have the protrusion part of the nipple created with or without the areola.  If you opt for areolas they are always tattooed on, and I DO NOT suggest letting someone at the Doctors office do them.  They are NOT tattoo artist, knowing the craft well enough to guarantee the longevity, and most want you to return at least 3 times to touch up what should have been done right the first time, and its NOT free.  Aside from that, a lot of times they are uneven, and do not have that 3 dimensional, natural look either.  They will charge you the same amount each time you return, whereas the inks and machines we use (if done by a good artist) should only require 1 touch up, if needed.  I specialize in both nipple areola and cover up scar tattooing.

I’ve transformed women from as young as 40 to mid-60’s, to include women who have never been tattooed before.  I’ve also tattooed their family and loved ones who wanted to honor her and her victory, which also helps them heal from all they have been through, helping them to also close this door of their past and step into a new one.  This can be a time of overcoming or a time of self defeat, the choice is yours, but you don’t have to make it alone, and you don’t have to look at those scars the rest of your life, or fear taking your top off in front of the mirror or someone else.

It is my goal to help transform those scars, and heal your mind to be the beautiful woman you will always be, and always were.  I absolutely love this area of tattooing be it breast mastectomy scars, c-sections, heart surgery, excess skin removal, etc, because it allows me to change someones life and changes mine in the process.  I will never forget the women, their stories, and the connection we will forever have through intricate layers of ink.

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